Want a better website and don’t know where to start? Here are the basic must-haves and must-dos for any effective site.

Be Responsive

Think about how often you use your mobile phone to use the internet. Probably pretty often, right? 37% of people mostly use mobiles to view websites so make sure your site is fully responsive, meaning it will resize and display for mobile devices.

Easy Contact

Every website should have their phone number in easy view. Seems obvious, yet many don’t. It’s often buried on a contact page, but many visitors head to your website just to find your phone number, so make it prominent on your homepage and easy to find. The top right corner is usually best, or in the footer where your email and social media links should also feature on every page.

Showcase your Team

When your potential clients choose where they take their business, they often want to know who will be looking after them. Give your business a human face and show off the talents and personalities of your key team members on either your ‘About’ or ‘Meet the Team’ webpage.

Keep it Clean

Remember that you have just five seconds to grab the attention of your users when they enter your site … the back button is the most widely used command on the web.

Here are a few pointers for creating a clean, easy to use site:

  • Condense your menu: make sure you only include what you need on your site to make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

  • Keep text to the point: Most users aren’t looking to read an essay so think about the exact information they are seeking, such as, key treatment or service information, results and price and communicate that concisely.

  • Use big, beautiful images, clean space, easy to read text and a visually clean, uncluttered layout.

  • Make sure your site is extremely easy to navigate. If your users can't get around on the page or on the website quickly and easily, they won't stick around.

  • Keep all relevant information, phone numbers and calls to action above the fold.

Capture Details

Always look for opportunities to capture data (names, email addresses and phone numbers) of potential and current clients to use for ongoing email and even SMS marketing. Use forms on your website to capture this data and have it automatically added to your database. You can do this through a subscribe button on your contact page or offering a newsletter, eBook, video, gift or offer when users sign up.

Get Found

Begin with the basics of SEO:

  • Think about the search terms your potential clients would use to find your services, then use them in your text, titles, headings, url names and image file names to improve your SEO.

  • Also write blogs that you publish on your site that use these keywords and create new articles regularly.

  • Use backlinks (your website address on other websites) to improve your search ranking. Include your website address on as many directories as possible, on your Google+ page, social media pages and posts, LinkedIn and ask if any of your suppliers or other local business would link to your site on theirs.

Use Video

Video allows customers to see what your business is about in a highly relatable way that builds stronger bonds than copy alone, plus it is excellent for SEO. Video content could be based on introductions to your team members, you or a staff member talking about or demonstrating a treatment or service, a tour of your salon or client testimonial.

Capitalise on Before and After Images

Whether you operate a hair or beauty salon, a skincare clinic or are a professional makeup or nail artist, pictures tell a thousand words. With ever-shortening attention spans, people respond to visual imagery quickly and before and after images are a testament to your ability and the level of service you offer.

Use Call-to-Actions

The most common calls to action are “Request a Quote,” “Buy Now,” “Book Now”, “Enquire Now”, “Get Your Free Consultation” and “Learn More”. Use these calls to action wherever appropriate on each page throughout your site and link to your contact, shopping or booking pages where possible.

Keep it Fresh

Content is still king. Make sure you keep your content up-to-date – no expired offers, references to holidays or events that are in the past, broken links, past employees, service no longer on offer or old pricing and images. Make sure your site shows that your company is up to date on industry trends and is actively engaged by regularly creating new content.

For advice or information on building your website, please be in touch.

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